One Stop Clinic

I deliver a weekly symptomatic one stop breast clinic to provide patients with rapid access to the highest quality, consultant delivered breast assessment.

Need an appointment?

I see patients in the Level 1 Outpatient clinic for a 20 minute consultation. All patients will  be chaperoned by one of our friendly clinic team members. If appropriate, I then arrange the relevant scans (mammogram, ultrasound, or both) to take place downstairs in the Diagnostic Imaging Unit on the ground floor, during the same hospital visit.

Dr Alan Redman, Consultant Radiologist (Queen Elizabeth, Gateshead), is one of the most experienced breast radiologists in the region. He will report the relevant scans and immediately give the patient a verbal report. The majority of patients are reassured and discharged at that point.

A minority of patients will require a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and Dr Redman will perform the biopsy via a tiny skin incision under local anaesthetic with their consent. I would then give this biopsy result 1 week later either face to face or by telephone according to the patient’s wishes.

Attending a symptomatic breast clinic can be an incredibly stressful experience. However, the feedback I receive from my patients regarding their experience is excellent. This is in large part due to the friendly and professional Nuffield staff that you will meet throughout your journey from reception, clinic and diagnostic imaging.